Date: 2014 - 2015
Medium: Graphite drawings with india ink and watercolor on cold pressed cotton paper, Inkjet prints, Altered mannequins wearing altered ready-made and custom garments
Dimensions: 10 x 14 inches (drawings), 20 x 30 inches (portraits), 4 feet tall (figures)

Uniforms explores a desperate aspiration for agency and privacy, but also the idea that uniforms, commonly regarded as useful or sacred, can be stripped of its purpose and exist as something amusing or illogical if made smaller. I am interested in iconic uniforms that cover the body to protect it from harm, like a beekeeper's or welder's. I am also attracted to the serious and symbolic connotations of cultural uniforms, like the burqa or mourning dress. While the work considers an imaginary desire to wear these garments in order to be fully concealed, it also asks the disheartening questions: If I wore these uniforms, would people think I had a useful profession or sacred subjectivity? Or, because of my size, would it actualize a detrimental spectacle?