TOGETHER together

Dates: February 27 - June 1, 2009
Medium: Site-specific installation
Materials: Two lamp posts, two garden carts, pea gravel, river stones, and two artificial ficus trees
Site: Radeke Garden at the RISD Museum of Art, Providence, RI

 "Are you two together... as in TOGETHER together?"

The above question is sometimes asked when my partner, Greg, and I are standing next to each other. Do others get asked this if they happen to be standing next to another person? Or is there something different about the two of us that provokes this curiosity?

TOGETHER together is an installation of pairs of ready-made objects that stand in for our bodies. The objects are identically designed, yet each pair has one that is approximately one-third smaller in size than the other. This juxtaposition in scale prompts several questions about how one sees difference: Would they be overlooked if they stood alone? Why is it that a difference in size causes visible awareness? Does the smaller one seem really small and does the bigger one seem really big? Does it become cute to see them together? Does it become funny to see them together? 

And lastly: Do the objects become depleted of their original purpose and exist only as spectacle when they stand next to each other?