My Gang

Date: 2010
Materials and Dimensions: 
Drawings: Ink on paper / Diptychs, 11" x 14" (each)
Trashcan: Metal trashcan, little girl singing inside / 26" x 18"
Stymie: Cardboard box, rc car, hacked controller / 24" x 20" x 34"
Bag: Bag of cement, packing tape, wood / 20" tall

My Gang is work inspired by the Our Gang series, most commonly known as the Little Rascals. This work examines the ways in which the lives of disadvantaged children were depicted in early cinema. Themes include the circumstances of kids in an adult world, the perceived intelligence (or assumed lack thereof) of kids by adults, the contrast of innocence and enterprise within kids (and how they choose to maneuver around obstacles), and the modes in which physical difference (such as gender, race, and size) is exploited for entertainment.


Trashcan video clip


Stymie video clip