Homemade Bull

Date: 2011
Medium: Dwelling space
Materials: Moving blankets, pine, plywood, hardboard, poultry netting, fiberfill, styrofoam, plaster, various hardware and adhesives, wallpaper, molding, fabric, mirror, interior furnishings, LED strip lights, 12V batteries, art/books/objects owned or made by the artist
Dimensions: (Exterior) 9.5h x 6.5w x 12.5l feet (Interior) 4.5h x 4w x 6l feet

Homemade Bull is a dwelling space that gives its owner a powerful, unassailable 'super-shell' body that protects her when she wants to read critical theory, create art, or sleep without the anxiety of social oppression. Using an imagined narrative of a child Other who is conscious of her alterity and seeking to understand social injustice in order to become intellectually liberated, Homemade Bull is part of a series of surrogates and private refuges I created to assist her in this process. The viewer is not allowed to go inside the bull, but can get a glimpse of the hidden bedroom by looking through one of the nostrils.