Date: 2012–2013
Medium: Installation
Materials: Two steel stools on a rotating platform, two wool pea coats with knit scarves on dress forms
Dimensions: 4 feet in diameter, 40 inches tall (stools), 4 feet tall & 6 feet tall (dress forms)

Display looks at how the conspicuous display of short and tall pairings of otherwise identical ready-made objects become anthropomorphized and lose their utilitarian function. The installation's showroom display is meant to both attract and unsettle the viewer's gaze. Attract in the sense that a retail display creates desire: a desire to look longer at them and a desire to own them. Unsettle in the sense that because the objects have been anthropomorphized, their display conjures historic imagery of the human body as spectacle - especially the contrast between unusually large and small adult bodies exhibited for viewer amusement in the ‘freak shows’ of the 19th century.


Video documentation at Palitz Gallery, 2013


Video documentation of the stools at Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery, 2012